Roles and responsibilities

General chair

The General chair takes all final decisions regarding the conference, including this description of roles and responsibilities. In decisions regarding the program, consensus with the Program chairs is sought. The Steering committee’s (see below) opinions are important for major decisions regarding all parts of the conference.
Mattias Höjer

Steering committee ICT4S 2014

The Steering committee assists the General chair in decision-making and comments on suggestions from the General chair.
Lorenz Hilty, Mattias Höjer, Cecilia Katzeff, Patricia Lago, Åsa Moberg

Program chairs

The Program chairs, together with the General chair, develop and suggest Call for papers, Conference program etc. They develop a program schedule and suggest a format for the presentations, and take responsibility for this, once it has been set. They also suggest pre- and post-conference activities.
Patricia Lago, Josefin Wangel

Local chair

The Local chair takes responsibility for all the practical arrangements of the conference, e.g. suggests venue, takes responsibility for a system of registering and fees, and ensures that all details work smoothly during the conference, including internet access. The Local chair also presents a budget to the General chair, and assists in bringing in funds from sponsors, research boards and internally from KTH. The Local chair is also responsible for the conference website.
Daniel Vare

Publicity chairs

The Publicity chairs are responsible for developing and following a plan for promoting the conference. Bernhard also has special responsibility for electronic media.
Bernhard Huber, Henry Muccini

Other chairs

Other chairs with specific responsibilities may be appointed. This may be e.g. chairs for pre- and post-conference activities and for coordinating volunteers.

Program committee

The Program committee assists in promoting the conference and in reviewing the papers. The Program committee members are suggested by the Steering committee, and Program chairs and appointed by the General chair.