What is the role of Sustainable HCI in the field of ICT4S?

Since Eli Blevis presented his seminal paper “Sustainable Interaction Design” in 2007, sustainability has been an established topic for workshops, panel discussions and paper sessions at the CHI conference(1). Sustainable HCI (S-HCI) is also one of 16 official “SIGCHI communities” (http://www.sigchi.org/communities) and S-HCI workshops have been organized at every CHI conference since 2007. The workshop organizers for this workshop are also organizing a Sustainable HCI workshop (“Is there a European strand of Sustainable HCI”) at the European NordiCHI’2014 conference in Helsinki in October.

Sustainable HCI was present at the first conference on ICT4S in Zürich (2013), for example in the form of invited keynote speaker Jennifer Mankoff (CMU). Moreover, for the ICT4S 2014 conference, there will be a more numerous representation of researchers from the HCI field, and the submission as well as acceptance of several HCI-related papers is a testament to the increasing interest of HCI researchers to engage in the ICT4S conference and in the larger field. Hence, at this pre-conference workshop, we want to gather researchers who are interested in Sustainable HCI in order to discuss a number of questions regarding the intersection between S-HCI and ICT4S. The proposed workshop questions are:

  • What is the relationship between S-HCI and ICT4S?
    • Comment: this question can be discussed both from the point of view of the individual researcher as well in regards to the relationship between the two related and overlapping fields of research.
  • How can/should S-HCI contribute to ICT4S and how can/should ICT4S contribute to S-HCI?
  • Which (if any) S-CHI fields of research are a fit at ICT4S, but might have a hard time getting accepted to HCI venues (conferences and journals) in general or the very selective CHI conference in particular?
  • How could/should ICT4S influence the research being conducted/presented at the CHI conference and at related HCI venues (conferences and journals)?

Everyone who is actively pursuing research or who has an interest in Sustainable HCI is welcome to attend the workshop. There is no call for position papers to the workshop, but we instead urge attendees to prepare a short, ”minimal” Pecha Kucha(2) presentation for the workshop. Further instructions for preparing for the workshop will be disseminated in August.

If you have any questions regarding the workshop, please don’t hesitate to contact the workshop organizers.

(1) ACM SIGCHI (Special Interest Group on Computer-Human Interaction) arranges the annual CHI (Human Factors in Computing Systems) conference. The CHI conference is the premier conference on Human-Computer Interaction.

(2) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pecha_kucha


Time and date: Sunday 24 August

Room Q24 KTH

Organizer: Elina Eriksson and Daniel Pargman, KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Contact: elina@kth.separgman@kth.se

Price: 150 SEK excl. VAT