Life cycle assessment of ICT – carbon footprint and operational electricity use from the operator, national and subscriber perspective

This presentation/WS will elaborate on the probably most comprehensive scientific research on the whole  IT sectors actual environmental impact from a LCA perspective. The presentation will be focusing on the results and findings partly revealed in an recent published article in the scientific Journal of Industrial Ecology In addition we will also present and discuss the actual trends related to CO2 and energy  for the period 1990 – 2010 from a LCA perspective. The findings and results presented will be based on data originating from the Swedish situation but the ambition is to  expand the discussions and outcome  to a global perspective.

Time and date: Sunday 24 August

Room Q26 KTH

Organizer: Dag Lunden, TeliaSonera, Jens Malmodin, Ericsson,


Price: 150 SEK excl. VAT