Study tour to the Stockholm Royal Seaport – a new environmental urban district

The Stockholm Royal Seaport urban development project runs from Hjorthagen in the north, across the port area, to Loudden in the south. Here, in what is one of Stockholm’s prime locations, plans are under way to build about 12,000 new homes and create 35,000 new jobs. The development will largely take place in areas previously used for port operations and other industry.

In addition to new homes and workplaces, the port’s operations will be modernised and concentrated on the piers, while container and oil handling will be moved elsewhere. This will release land that is important for the development.

The gasworks area will be developed and the City of Stockholm has plans for an international stage for guest performers, a museum, a pre-school, a school and a library on the site, as well as other facilities and meeting places.


Bridge over the Husarviken inlet for pedestrians and cyclists.

While being a live city district, Stockholm Royal Seaport still offers unique nature qualities. In fact, many living room windows will offer grand views towards the Royal National City Park and the Husarviken inlet. Stockholm Royal Seaport is just as closely positioned to nature and open water values as it is to the city centre. Ten minutes on a bicycle takes you all the way to the Central Station.

Stockholm Royal Seaport is part of the City’s vision of a world-class Stockholm by 2030, as set out in the Stockholm City Plan, A Walkable City, which outlines the strategies for a more cohesive and accessible Stockholm. The ambitious environmental objectives for the area will see the City, developers, architects and entrepreneurs working more closely together than ever before, putting in extra resources to realise the vision of a world-class environmental urban district – a sustainable society in a vibrant part of the city.

Stockholm Royal Seaport has been selected as one of 18 urban development projects that form part of the Clinton Climate Initiative’s global Climate Positive Development Program.srs3

Time and date: Wednesday 27 August, 13-14.30

Organiser: City of Stockholm

Contact: Anna-Karin Stoltz Ehn – email:

Price: Free

The studytour will start outside the house at Gasverksvägen 15.

Road description


Red line number 13 towards Ropsten. Get off at Ropsten and walk towards Hjorthagen. By the exit, cross the meeting space and hold right and you will see the walk and bike lane. Follow the lane until you see the gasworks. On the other side of the gasworks you will see a building in brick on the hill. That is number 15.


Take bus number 55 towards Hjorthagen. Exit at stand Gasverket. Walk about 300 meter.