Smart and sustainable solutions in Stockholm Royal Seaport

Startingin 2010, Stockholm Royal Seaport will grow with about 500 residences each year. The accommodation will consist of rented flats as well as housing for tenant-ownership. When Stockholm Royal Seaport is fully developed around 2025 it will have a total of 12,000 new dwellings. The first new residents moved in in October 2012 in the northwestern district of Hjorthagen.


Hjorthagen today and tomorrow.

Developing an environmentally sustainable city district with a genuine city environment puts extra demands on technological innovations, building work using energy efficient materials, as well as finding new ways of handling energy as a whole.

Stockholm Royal Seaport benefits from the environmental experiences drawn from the Hammarby sjöstad city district. This area of Stockholm includes well-developed public transport links and advanced waste management and recycling options, implying a lifestyle change focusing on sustainability.

To support the need of an integrated approach of collaboration and innovation for sustainable urban development the City of Stockholm initiated the Stockholm Royal Seaport Innovation – an arena that brings together companies, academia and the City on various research, innovation and development project.

In this workshop you will have the opportunity to learn and discuss from some of the research projects focusing on ICT for sustainable urban development in Stockholm Royal Seaport.

After an introduction of the plan and the ongoing development of Stockholm Royal Seaport, the project and programme studying and testing the next generation of smart grid will be presented by the energy company Fortum. Ericsson and the Swedish Institute, Swedish ICT will continue by presenting their vision and work on ICT for the sustainable city and the project Smart ICT for living and working in the Stockholm Royal Seaport. The presentation will be finalised by the City of Stockholm that together with IBM presents a project on how to monitor resources in the City, the Smart city SRS.

After these short presentations we will invite you to take part in a future oriented discussion where we would like you to share your experiences and discuss the next steps for smarter and more sustainable solutions for the new city dwellers.

A more detailed programme will be presented later.

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Time and date: Wednesday 27 August, 8.30-11.30

Organiser: City of Stockholm

Contact: Anna-Karin Stoltz Ehn – email:

Price: Free

The workshop will take place at the following address:

Stockholm Royal Seaport Innovation
Hangövägen 19, house 1, 4th floor

Road description

1. Metro

Red line to Gärdet, follow signs for “Hamnen” (harbour).

At the end of the pedestrian underpass turn left down the hill and turn right at the first junction.

Follow the road called Tegeluddsvägen for about 150 metres, cross the crossing on the left and follow the path that crosses some tracks. Where the path splits, turn right into a raised walkway. After about 150 metres, the walkway enters a building. Go down the steps, immediately turn left (Fortum is on the right) and go up the stairs, or take the lift to Floor 4. Ring the bell and we will open the door.

The walk from the Metro station takes about 12 minutes.

2. Bus

Bus no. 76 to Ropsten stops outside Hangövägen 19. Go in through the glass doors, up the stairs, cross the atrium (Nooshi restaurant is on the right) and take the lift or stairs up to Floor 4.

Ring the bell and we will open the door.

Bus 76 departs from Slussen and goes via Radiohuset.